FREE DELIVERY FOR ALL ORDERS OVER 500 EUR. Not applicable for Cypress, Greece, Norway and Switzerland. If you place an order from any of these four countries and the system issue you the free delivery, keep in mind that you might be obliged to pay for the delivery with additional transaction, either Paypal or bank transaction. 


We only ship to the following European countries:

Austria, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece.


We apologize, but currently we don't ship to USA, United Kingdom(after Brexit), Africa, Asia, South America.


Please note: All orders placed on working days will be shipped the next working day.

All orders placed on holidays will be shipped on the first working day.

All orders placed on Friday will be shipped on Monday, as the same rule for working days apply.



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We ship through several spedition companies, as we always strive your packages to be expressly delivered.  

If for any reason, a shipped package is returned, the customer would be chared a one-time-only 20% restocking fee!

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