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Acidoll Double Strength 250 Capsules

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Acidoll /Double Strength/ 250 Capsules . Aids digestion. One capsules equals two capsules of the classic Gerson Acidol. Usually physicians prescribe 2 capsules of the classic one with each meal. With this double strength Acidoll, you need only one. One capules contains: 640 mg of Betaine HCL and 460 mg Pepsin (1:3000). Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid. Use before or during meals, but not on empty stomach. Eat a little piece first!

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Gerson Therapy Special Pack /3 Months/

Usual price: 472EUR

The pack includes:

8 Pcs. Potassium Compound Salts 100 Grams

5 Pcs. Pancreatin 1200 mg 100 Caps

1 Pcs. Acidoll (Betaine with Pepsin) 250 Caps.

1 Pc. Lugol's Solution Half Strength (2.5%) 50 ml.

1 Pcs. Niacin /Vitamin B3/ 300 Tabs.

1 Pcs. Beef Liver Desiccated Defatted 1000 Caps.

1 Flaxseed Oil Organic 473 ml.

1 Pc. Milk Thistle 400 mg. 240 Caps.

1 Pc. CoQ10 200 mg. with Maca 120 Caps

NOTICE: Product packages could vary, according to brand availability and may not be the same as on the picture. All the quality, quantities and concentration per capsule or tablet would be exact as described.

Antiparasitic Para Extract 20 100 ml.

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We, like animals, do have parasites. Depending on the immune system, psychosomatic circumstances, mental behavior, one is more prone to parasites, while the other - not so much. But as we take care of pets: cats and dogs mostly with several shots of antiparasitic medicine throughout the year - the same way we should take care to get rid of intestinal and other parasites at least twice an year.

Para Extract 20 is proven antiparasitic tincture for most common parasites and some rare tropical and domestic amoebas.

It's a nice continuation to the most common antiparasitic herbal extract: black wallnut, wormwood and cloves (originating from Dr. Hulda Clark).

Usual dosage: 25 drops in 50 ml. of water or juice 2 times a day before meals.

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Coenzyme Q10 is a highly efficient supplement containing the essential for the body coenzyme Q10 – a substance that is to be found everywhere in nature and is vital for human body. Coenzyme Q10 was first found in 1957. Up until then it was known as ubiquinone (meaning everywhere, widespread), because it is to be found everywhere in nature. Despite of the fact that Co-Q10 is present in all vegetative and animal cells it’s quantities are not optimal – this is the reason it is necessary additional quantities to be provided. Coenzyme Q10 is a catalizer for food processing by working together with enzymes – this is the origin of the word coenzyme.

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